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Save The Air: Tips to Go Green While Saving Green

Going green isn’t just a gimmick. With mountains of evidence behind our planet’s climate change, the green movement has exploded over the last decade, but saving the planet isn’t the only reason go go green.

Increasing the quality of air in your home can impact everything from your health to your bank account. Having an air filter with hospital grade filtering technology creates a much cleaner environment. Tuning up your air conditioner and switching to Energy Star rated heating equipment is also a small gold-mine of savings.

If entire nations were to drop their heating thermostat down just one degree, increase the recycling rate to 75%, or adjust their water heater down 20 degrees we’re talking about a massive over footprint and individual monetary savings that’s nothing to scoff at.

Take a look at today’s infographic to see how you can impact the environment, improve your air quality and save money on bills.


Save the Air Infographic
Source: http://www.saveyourair.com/

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